BEP 2023 Catalog CONNECTORS & INSULATORS 35 Description Part # OEM # Footprint* Fuse Holder, ANL 778-ANL 778-ANL-B 1 x Fuse Holder, ANL with additional cable clamping studs 778-ANL2S 778-ANL2S-B 1.5 x ANL Through Panel 778-ANLTP 778-ANLTP-B 1 x * See page 33 for Footprint details Pro Installer ANL Fuse Holders These ANL fuse holders offer unparalleled circuit protection choice for both the installer and end-user. The innovative Through-Panel fuse holder (778-ANLTP) provides superior access for fuse inspection and replacement. Small electrical loads are catered to with the compact 778-ANL unit while additional cable security and highest capacity is provided by the 778-ANL-2S, featuring additional studs for separate clamping of cables. Specifications: • Cable connection studs: 8 mm (5/16") studs on 778-ANL, 10 mm (3/8") studs on 778-ANL-TP and 778-ANL-2S • Fuse mounting studs: 8 mm (5/16") • Double washers allow any ANL fuse brand to be fitted • Fuse type: ANL or ANN (fast blow) • Swinging fuse style allows changing fuse without removal of fastening nuts • Amperage: determined by fuse sizing, 778-ANL: 35-300A, 778-ANL2S: 35-750A, 778-ANLTP, 35-500A • 50V DC • Tinned CDA102 copper conductors 778-ANL-2S • Tinned CDA260 high conductivity brass conductors 778-ANLTP Pro Installer Class-T Fuse Holders Class-T fusing provides the ultimate protection for high power circuits, and where extremely fast fuse blow characteristics are required. Modern battery technologies such as Mastervolt Lithium Ion or AGM are capable of very high short circuit currents which may be beyond the interrupt rating of standard circuit breakers and other types of fuse. Two sizes of Pro Installer Class-T Fuse Holder are available which accommodate fuses from 225-400A, and 450-600A respectively. Specifications: • Cable connection studs: 10 mm (3/8") studs • Fuse mounting studs: 10 mm (3/8") 225-400A holder, 12 mm (1/2") 450-600A holder • Fuse type: Class-T (JLLN / TJN / A3T) • Maximum amperage: Determined by fuse sizing, either 400A or 600A • 50V DC • High temperature, fiber reinforced plastic base provides strength and chemical resistance • Clear polycarbonate cover • Tinned CDA102 Copper conductors • Stainless steel studs, washers and nuts for longevity in the marine environment • Metric threads Description Part # OEM # Footprint* Fuse Holder, Class-T 225–400A 778-T2S-400 778-T2S-400-B 1.5 x Fuse Holder, Class-T 450–600A 778-T2S-600 778-T2S-600-B 1.5 x * See page 33 for Footprint details Related Products Pro Installer Link Bars page 37 ANL Fuses page 46 Related Products Pro Installer Link Bars page 37 Class T Fuses page 46