BEP 2023 Catalog CONNECTORS & INSULATORS 39 LB-2 LB-2 LBJ-4 Best Electrical Practice for High Loads: • Supply power to the center of link bars or bus bars to balance loads • Connect highest loads directly/closest to the supply cable Highest load: current doesn't pass through link bar Small loads furthest from supply cable Max 650A Max 525A Max 525A Max 650A Note: Link bars can be doubled to increase load capacity 1x LBJ5 2x LBJ5 650A Maximum Loads 450A 400A 525A 1300A Maximum Loads 900A 800A 1050A Diagrams S:E Side to End linking C: Centerline linking S:S Side to Side joining O: Offset linking E:E End to End linking Gap For small gaps between products LB-1 LB-2 LBJ-2 LBJ-4 LBJ-2 LB-2 LBZ-2 LB-1 LB-2 LB-2 LB-2 LBZ-1 LBZ-2 LBJ-2 LBZ-2 LB-1 LB-2 LB-1 LB-2 LBJ-2 LB-1 LB-2 LBZ-2 LB-1 LB-2 LBJ-2 LB-1 LB-2 LBZ-2 LB-1 LB-2 Joining