2022 BEP Catalog

CIRCUIT PROTECTION & SWITCHES Thermal Circuit Breakers & RCD’s: 0aMRU '& ciUcXiW SURWHcWiRQ IURP A SXsK WR UHsHW EUHaNHUs IRU A ciUcXiWs and RCD/RCBO panels for AC Main circuit protection. Thermal Circuit Breakers %(P 0aUiQH QRZ R΍HUs a IXOO OiQH RI PaQXaO sZiWcKHs iQcOXGiQJ WRJJOH URcNHU SXsK SXOO SXsK EXWWRQ sROHQRiGs aQG relays. The comprehensive selection ensures that BEP has the right switch to meet your needs. Switches PUHcisiRQ RSHUaWiRQ ciUcXiW EUHaNHUs A siQJOH GRXEOH aQG WUiSOH SROH Magnetic Circuit Breakers 49 51 52