BEP 2023 Catalog CIRCUIT PROTECTION & SWITCHES 51 IEG Magnetic Circuit Breakers IEG Magnetic Circuit Breakers provide reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control for equipment in the international market place. Designed using the latest in sensitive hydraulic magnetic technology, the IEG line adapts itself to many applications and environments. They are ideal for marine applications, data processing and business machines, as well as medical instrumentation, broadcast equipment, vending and amusement machines, military applications and wherever precision operation is required. Temperature differences which affect fuses and other thermal devices are not a concern. One important feature of this breaker line is a ‘trip free’ action, which means the circuit will trip in the presence of an overload even though the handle is held in the ON position. The delay mechanism senses the fault and the contacts open. • Spacing compliance: IEC specification 601, 950; VDE 0804, 0805 • UL Recognized UL 1077; CSA certified per CSA C22.2 – No.235; Complies with EN 60947-2 & EN 60934 • Available in single or double pole; triple pole available on special orders IUL Magnetic Circuit Breakers Provide reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control for equipment in the international market place. BEP uses the IUL range of circuit breakers where current requirements exceed 50A and are within 100A. Available in single and double pole with triple pole available on special orders. CBS-50A-SP CBL-50A-SP CBS-50A-DP CBL-100A-DP [3.56] .140 [3.61] .142 [47.22] 1.859 ON OFF [7.14] .281 [49.28] 1.940 [36.78] 1.448 [10.97] .432 [52.32] 2.060 M6 ISO THD 2x Ă.156 [3.96] MAX. [38.48] 1.515 [19.05] .755 [5.59] .220 [36.53] 1.438 [63.24] 2.490 [10.21] .402 [52.32] 2.060 M3 ISO THD .750 [19.05] Single Pole Double Pole Note: Tolerance .015 [.38] unless noted. Dimensions in brackets [] are millimeters. Panel Mounting Detail: Tolerance .013 unless noted. Single pole Rating (A) CBL-50A-SP 50 CBL-60A-SP 60 CBL-75A-SP 75 CBL-100A-SP 100 Double pole Rating (A) CBL-60A-DP 60 CBL-100A-DP 100 Triple pole Rating (A) CBL-80A-TP 80 CBL-100A-TP 100 Compatible with BEP panels. Single pole Rating (A) CBS-5A-SP 5 CBS-10A-SP 10 CBS-15A-SP 15 CBS-20A-SP 20 CBS-25A-SP 25 CBS-30A-SP 30 CBS-40A-SP 40 CBS-50A-SP 50 CBS-50A-SP-IGP° 50 Compatible with BEP panels. Handle Lock Image shows “handle lock” as used in all our battery management panels for essential CBs to prevent accidental or unintended actuation of essential circuits CB’s from either the “on” or “off” position. (ordered separately) Part # 121-710-1101/1 * Features reverse polarity auto trip. ° Ignition Protected Double pole Rating (A) CBS-10A-DP 10 CBS-15A-DP 15 CBS-20A-DP 20 CBS-25A-DP 25 CBS-30A-DP 30 CBS-40A-DP 40 CBS-50A-DP 50 Triple pole Rating (A) CBS-50A-TP 50 Double pole trip coil pole* Volts (V) CBS-15A-DP-TC230 230 CBS-20A-DP-TC230 230 CBS-30A-DP-TC230 230 CBS-50A-DP-TC230 230