BEP 2023 Catalog CIRCUIT PROTECTION & SWITCHES 52 We have expanded our line to cover all of your manual switch needs. BEP Marine now offers a full line of manual switches including: toggle, rocker, push/pull, push-button, solenoids, and relays. The comprehensive selection ensures that BEP has the right switch to meet your needs. All of our switches are shock and weather resistant and built for harsh marine and industrial environments. In addition, common applications are associated with each style to simplify selection. BEP switches are available in the following classifications: SPST Single Pole, Single Throw: • Turns a single circuit on and off • One input and one output terminals SPDT Single Pole, Double Throw: • Turns one of two circuits on and off • One input and two output terminals DPST Double Pole, Single Throw: • Turns two circuits on simultaneously • Two input and two output terminals • Each input terminal has a dedicated output terminal DPDT Double Pole, Double Throw: • Turns one circuit in each of two pairs of circuits • Two input and four output terminals • Enables different modes of operation on a circuit Action Style Primary Use SPST Off-On Lights SPST Off-(On) Horn SPDT On-Off-On Nav Lights SPDT (On)-Off-On Bilge Pump SPDT On-Off-(On) Bilge Pump SPDT (On)-Off-(On) Trim Tabs SPDT On-On Hallway Lights Action Style Primary Use DPST Off-On Nav Lights DPST Off-(On) Dual Horns DPDT On-Off-On Nav Lights DPDT (On)-Off-On Dual Wipers DPDT On-Off-(On) Dual Wipers DPDT (On)-Off-(On) Hatches DPDT On-On Hallway Lights Switches ( ) = Momentary