2022 BEP Catalog

BATTERY MANAGEMENT The Pro Installer range of premium TXaOiW\ EaWWHU\ sZiWcKHs R΍HU HasH aQG ȵH[iEiOiW\ RI iQsWaOOaWiRQ aQG optimal performance in the harsh marine environment. Pro Installer Battery Switches BEP has pioneered development of battery switches for marine use. Ongoing R&D has further optimized these products to R΍HU a UaQJH RI KiJK TXaOiW\ EXW cRsW H΍HcWiYH PaQXaO switching solutions. These switches automatically sense connected battery bank voltages aQG SURYiGH RSWiPaO HɝciHQW charging of the second bank. The VSS allows for independent battery banks to be combined or isolated based on the presence of a charging sRXUcH ZKiOH aOsR R΍HUiQJ UHPRWHO\ acWiYaWHG KiJK cXUUHQW HPHUJHQc\ parallel connection. The MD range of battery switches allow you to install the battery switch very close to the EaWWHU\ WR UHPRWHO\ PaQaJH the increased electrical loads found on today’s boats. They are ideal for remote isolation of bow and stern thrusters. Remote Operated Battery Switches Battery Switches Voltage Sensing Switches 12 16 18 20