BEP 2023 Catalog CIRCUIT PROTECTION & SWITCHES 60 Dimmer Switches • Easily control the brightness of incandescent bulbs from dim to bright • Not intended for use with LED lights Kill Switch • Ideal for adding engine-stop safety to older boats • Available as a switch & lanyard combo, or replacement lanyard only Part # 1002101 1002102 Family 12V - 4A 12V - 7A Nominal Voltage 12V DC 12V DC Ratings 4A at 12V DC 7A at 12V DC Termination Type 3-way connector wire leads, 16 AWG, 2" Part # 1001601 1001602 Family Switch & Lanyard Lanyard Only Nominal Voltage 12–24V DC — Ratings 10A at 12–24V DC — Termination Type 1/4" blades — Alarm • A convenient way to add alarm functionality to your dash or panel • Buzzer sounds and bright red light illuminates when voltage is present • For use with temperature, oil pressure, and engine warning alarm kits Master Disconnect • Compact lever-operated battery disconnect switch • Rated for 175A for use in 12V DC systems • Suitable for 6–36V DC system configurations • Includes face plate Part # 1002301 Family 12V Nominal Voltage 12V DC Termination Type #8–32 screws LED Red Part # 1001001 1001002 Action Off-On Off-On Family 175A 125A Nominal Voltage 6–36V DC 6–36V DC Ratings 175A at 12V continuous 175A at 12V continuous Termination Type 3/8" Brass Nut 3/8" Brass Nut