2022 BEP Catalog

POWER DISTRIBUTION PANELS A range of switch panels for interior and H[WHUiRU XsH cKRicHs ZiWK aQG ZiWKRXW in-built circuit protection. Switch Panels 6ZiWcK RSWiRQs IRU iQWHUiRU aQG H[WHUiRU including high quality waterproof stainless steel push buttons with LED status. &XsWRP PaQHOs caQ EH PaGH WR fiW WKH needs of custom and production boat EXiOGHUs )RU H[aPSOH a SaQHO caQ EH PaGH XS ZiWK HiJKW ciUcXiW EUHaNHUs IRXU s\sWHPs iQ RSHUaWiRQ OiJKWs SOXs a PHWHU RU a SaQHO caQ cRQsisW RI a Pi[WXUH RI analog and digital meters if required. Custom Panel & Design Services Switches WATER PUMP FANS GALLEY WATER PUMP LIGHTS LIGHTS ENTERTAINMENT DC OUTLETS FRIDGE FRIDGE TOILET DIESEL HEATER SET- KMC SET- 1 7 N SET- 1 8 N SET- KMC SET- KMC SET- KMC SET- KMC SET- KMC SET- KMC SET- KMC SET- KMC SET- 8 N 64 67 69