BEP 2023 Catalog POWER DISTRIBUTION PANELS 64 Contour Generation ll Switch Panels The Contour Generation II Spray Proof Range offers unique styling using the latest techniques in injection molding. The switch tray is molded plastic with a rubber gasket and seal molded into the plastic. The cover is molded in a clear plastic with a rubber over-mold allowing the flexibility to operate the switches through the front of the panel while providing a clear window for label backlighting. The contour wave strip is interchangeable allowing for custom colors for OEM applications. Standard color supplied is black panel with charcoal strip. G2 can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is available in 2-, 4- and 6-way configurations. A joiner (CG2-JB) is available for multiple panel installations. Supplied complete with on/off switches, these can be interchanged with a variety of different switch options. • Replaceable clip-on contour wave (customized colors available for OEMs) • Mounting screws covered by switch cover • Backlit LEDs • Flexible overshot cover allows for easy switch operation • Ribbed gasket provides watertight seal with switch cover • Molded gasket on panel base creates watertight seal against mounting surface • Unique design allows labels to be read whether mounted vertically or horizontally • Switches rated at 16A DC • Panel supplied standard with label SET-G2-1 (labels SET-G2-2 ordered separately, page 85) CG2-4W CG2-2W CG2-JB Switches Color Fuses Label Set # Part # 2 Charcoal No SET-G2-1 CG2-2W 2 Charcoal 1 SET-G2-1 CG2-2W-F 4 Charcoal No SET-G2-1 CG2-4W 4 Charcoal 2 SET-G2-1 CG2-4W-F 6 Charcoal No SET-G2-1 CG2-6W 6 Charcoal 3 SET-G2-1 CG2-6W-F Spare Switches for Contour Generation II Part # Switch type SW-CG1 On/Off SW-CG2 On/Off Momentary SW-CG3 On/Off/On SW-CG4 Momentary On/Off/ Momentary On SW-CG5 On/On SW-CG1 Related Products Label Sets page 85 B/PUMP AFT