BEP 2023 Catalog POWER DISTRIBUTION PANELS 66 Part # charcoal Fuses PTC LxWxH Label Set # CSP6 No No 6.25" x 4.4" x 2.5" 158 x 112 x 64 mm SET-1SP CSP6-F 3 No CSP6-PTC No 6 Contour Switch Panels • CSP6-PTC uses the latest in overload protection technology— Positive Temperature Coefficient • Green LED backlit labels; red systems on indicator • Switches rated 20A DC • Removable cover plates conceal screws & water drain • Label set SET-1SP included • CSP6 Includes six switches unfused for installation where separate fused supply is available. • CSP6-F Includes six switches and three inline fuse holders with fuses behind panel. • CSP6-PTC fuses are solid state resettable fuses which change to a high resistance device on over-current. The panel is supplied with 6 x 9A PTC fuses mounted internally. No more changing fuses! CSP6 Spare Parts for Waterproof, Micro and Contour Switch Panels Toggle Switches Part # Operation SW-32111 on/off SW-32113 on/on SW-32114 on/off/on SW-32115 (on)off/momentary SW-32120 (on)off(on) momentary SW-32123 on/off/on double pole SW-M331 Splash Proof Boot Deluxe 12V Plug & Receptacle WAFH-14 Inline ATC Fuse Holder 12VRC 12VPG Related Products Label Sets page 83 ACCESSORIES SeaLink® Deluxe Dual USB Charger Receptacles • 12V to 24V DC input • 5V, 2.1 amp total output • LED power indicator light for USB • Water resistant cover protects against dust and water Part # 12VDUSB black (with insulated terminals) OEM # 12VDUSB-B black OEM # 12VDUSBN-B black no LED OEM # 12VDUSBW-B white 12VDUSB 12VDUSBW-B