BEP 2023 Catalog POWER DISTRIBUTION PANELS 67 Switches Fuses Voltage Part # 6 6x 15A 12 1000-6W 6 6x 15A 24 1000-6W-24V Contour Interior 1000 Series Switch Panels The smart, economical interior option for smaller vessels. Fully modular and built with ease of access in mind. • Removable frame conceals mounting screws • Concealed ATC fuses accessible from front of panel; ATC fuses supplied • 16A rocker switches • Panels are modular and square for vertical or horizontal stacking • LED Systems On light • Supplied with: Spacer for accurate mounting placement, label set sheet # SET-1000 • Maximum panel load 50A SW-RVS2 ON/OFF 1000-6W Description Part # 12V Systems 1000-VM-12V DC Systems Monitor 1000-DCSM AC Systems Monitor 1000-ACSM Now available with digital AC and DC systems monitors 108mm (4.25") 108mm (4.25") 60mm (2.4") 16mm (.6") 40mm (1.6") 3-15/16" (99.34 mm) 5/8" (16 mm) 1-1/16" (26.21 mm) Side profile systems panel Switch Panel 1000-6W Voltmeter 1000-VM-12V Related Products Label Sets page 85 Contour 1100 Series Switches The Contour Interior switch can be either surface or recess mounted. The interior series is supplied standard with a three terminal on/on switch which can be used for on/off circuits or two way light installations. For applications, eg: shower drain pumps or electric toilets, momentary switches can be interchanged into the switch plate. Switches can be turned 90º for horizontal mounting, and all are current rated at 10A DC. All switches include a label set. Part # 1100-BK 1101-BK 1101-BK-TS Interior/Exterior Interior Interior Exterior Single/Double Single Double Double Rated 10A 10A 20A LxWxH 2.4" x 1.2" x 0.75" 60 x 30 x 18 mm 3.6" x 1.2" x 0.75" 91 x 30 x 18 mm 3.6" x 1.2" x 0.75" 91 x 30 x 18 mm Description Part # On/On (On/Off) SW-6064B3P On/Off/On SW-6064C3P On/Off Spring-loaded in “on” position SW-6064D3P Replacement and/or different Operational Switch Related Products Labels Sets page 83