2022 BEP Catalog

BATTERY MANAGEMENT We've integrated our battery sZiWcKHs ciUcXiW SURWHcWiRQ aQG secondary charging accessories into one convenient to install panel. In addition to our standard UaQJH ZH caQ EXiOG cXsWRP panels to suit your requirements. Battery Management Panels The Digital Voltage Sensing Relay '965 SURYiGHs a KiJKO\ HɝciHQW EXW iQH[SHQsiYH sROXWiRQ IRU automatic charging of a second battery bank. It ensures correct charging while removing the risk RI ȵaW sWaUW EaWWHUiHs Digital Voltage Sensing Relay (DVSR) With the successful release of the BEP battery distribution s\sWHP %(P saZ WKH QHHG IRU ready assembled clusters for Gi΍HUHQW aSSOicaWiRQs WR PaNH the installation within the battery area even easier. The fastest and easiest way to panel mount a battery switch cOXsWHU cRQWRXU cRQQHcW SaQHOs SURYiGH ORZ SURfiOH SaQHO PRXQWiQJ SOXs ȵH[iEiOiW\ iQ Oa\RXW Battery Distribution Clusters Battery Distribution Panels 21 22 27 29