BEP 2023 Catalog POWER DISTRIBUTION PANELS 71 To help guide your design, BEP features a number of common custom requirements for consideration. Specifications & Ordering Once you have developed a wiring diagram or illustration of the requirements for your installation, contact your BEP agent to discuss your individual requirements and specifications. A comprehensive layout and drawing will be developed, with pricing and estimated lead time to be presented for your consideration. Professionally cut to shape Panels are not always traditional and square. We have the capability to design any number of complex shapes, ideal if you have a tight or non-traditional space to work with, or you simply desire different aesthetics in your installation. Adding a mimic panel Mimic panels or simple indicator lights can be added to illustrate circuit activation or warnings. Battery Management & Circuit Breaker Panels Large area panels can often hold a custom selection of circuit breakers, RCDs, battery switches and more. Sizes can range from small traditional sizes up to a maximum of 2 metres. Custom switch locations graphics Customized switch types and locations with tailored graphics, logos and labels can be supplied complete with wiring harness based on your specification ready for immediate installation. Non-panel Our team have a broad range of capability and can develop customised wired solutions or components for your installation. Panel Design Services For a completely tailored product based on your needs For specific requirements, we can develop a customized breaker and battery panel solution that will ensure your installation meets your customers' exact requirements. WATER PUMP FANS GALLEY WATER PUMP LIGHTS LIGHTS ENTERTAINMENT DC OUTLETS FRIDGE FRIDGE TOILET DIESEL HEATER SET-KMC SET-17N SET-18N SET-KMC SET-KMC SET-KMC SET-KMC SET-KMC SET-KMC SET-KMC SET-KMC SET-8N