BEP 2023 Catalog POWER DISTRIBUTION PANELS 76 Cruiser Series DC Branch Circuit Breaker Panels • 12V / 24V • Mimic panel for quick reference of systems in operation • Blank space for addition of extra meter • Digital or analog readouts • Depth for mounting 2.5" (64 mm) all panels Double Pole Panels • Double pole panels available in all panel sizes. • Double pole CBs use twice the space of single pole breakers; an 8-load single pole panel will become 4-Load when using double pole circuit breakers • AC or DC versions available • Single toggle All analog panels supplied with one shunt, extra shunts ordered separately. Digital panels supplied with 450A – 50mV shunt. Cutout size – 3/8" (10 mm) inside all external edges. *All panels available in 12V or 24V configuration. If 24V is required, please specify when ordering by adding –24V to part number. Part # NC32Y-DCSM NC36L-DCSM Meter digital digital Total Positions 32 Loads 36 Loads Circuit Breakers (single pole) 7x 5A, 11x 10A, 11x 15A, 1x 20A, 1x 25A, 1x 30A 8x 5A, 12x 10A, 12x 15A, 2x 20A, 1x 25A, 1x 30A Nominal Voltage 12V or 24V* 12V or 24V* Maximum Amperage 160A per bus 160A per bus HxWx2.5" HxWx65 mm 15" x 13.9" 380 x 351 mm 15" x 13.9" 380 x 351 mm Neg Bus 24-way 24-way Label Sheet 1–4, 6 1–4, 6 904NM-DP Related Products Label Sets page 81–82 ACCESSORIES