BEP 2023 Catalog METERS 88 DC Power Meter • Displays voltages of multiple battery banks (0–32V DC) • Displays charge and discharge (amps) of two battery banks • Displays battery capacity in amp hours • High/Low level alarms Display Type • Configure the DCSM to show the data in analog, digital and graphic form Circuit Status • View the status of important circuits (on/off) • In graphic and numeric form Tank Level • View tank level information for multiple tanks in numeric and graphic forms • Resetable when leaving boat Installation Cable Kit • Two core screened cable in two lengths pre-terminated Part # 600-DCM-5M 16.45" (5 m) Part # 600-DCM-10M 32.9" (10 m) Ammeter Shunt DC Current Ammeter Shunt measures DC amperage up to 450A using a scale of 0–50mV. Part # LB-450-50 Ammeter Shunt Enclosure Provides a protective housing for shunt termination meeting ABYC standards. • Digital large: 450A - 50mV • Analog small: 50A - 50mV, 100A - 50mV, 150A - 50mV • Takes two small or one large shunt Part # 711L AC & DC Systems Monitors These full color monitors are made to meet the systems monitoring requirements of today’s modern vessel and recreational vehicle. Complex AC and DC electrical installations onboard are becoming more common place. Additionally the increase in tank monitoring requirements for fuel, fresh, grey and black water, accurate monitoring of these systems is essential. The DCSM and ACSM displays feature clear, extra large type face. This allows for more detailed on-screen information and increased clarity. The screen has backlighting for easy night time viewing. Specifications: • 2.8" color QVGA LCD • Input voltage 8–32V DC • Dimensions (WxH): 90 x 100 mm • Backlit keypad Monitors: • Charge/discharge amps for two banks • Capacity remaining in A/h and % • Battery condition • Tank fluid level • Circuit status Features: • Eight generic, user configurable inputs • Programmable high/low audio/visual alarms for volts, amps and tank levels • Backlit keypad and dimmable screen • Can be panel or surface mounted DC Systems Monitor (DCSM) Part # Description 80-600-0021-00 DCSM including 1x shunt and cable 80-600-0022-00 DCSM excluding shunt 600-DCSM-KIT Panel Conversion Kit for DCM to DCSM Full Color Monitor