BEP 2023 Catalog METERS 90 Ultrasonic Tank Sender—No Moving Parts • Handles common outputs – 240-33, 10-180, Vetus 10-300 for analog resistive gauges (not suitable for resistive digital gauges or CAN systems) and 0-5V tanks from BEP, Teleflex, Faria, VDO and many other popular instrument brands. (When connecting to non-adjustable gauges the TS1 must be pre-calibrated) • Low Profile Design and standard SAE 5 hole mounting pattern, allowing it to be retrofitted to practically all other sender brands • Can be set for tank dimensions via computer using BEP Marine’s proprietary TS1 software, avoiding experimental tank filling on site • Connects directly to the DC systems monitors (80-600-0021-00 & 80-600-0022-00 page 88) when configured to a 0-5V output • Is set for 0-2000 mm depth off the shelf (not suitable for tank depths less than 200 mm) 8" • Operating voltage: 10–32V • Current draw: 25 mA with 5V gauge output • Measurement method: Acoustic sonic measurement • Tank depth: 0–6.5 ft (2000 mm) • Accuracy Distance: 0–6.5 ft (2000 mm) at 2 mm accuracy • Environmental temperature: 39.2–149°F (4–65°C) • Chemical resistance: Petrol, diesel, water, toilet chemicals TS1 Programing Device Part # TS1-PK 0.5M 95.43 [3 3/4"] 19.64 [3/4"] 95.27 [3 3/4"] 84.88 [3 5/16"] BEP’s proprietary Window’s based software application allows for TS1 senders to be programmed specific to tank shape, size and fluid type via a computer’s USB port. Programming is a simple process and can be carried out by downloading free software from and purchasing a programming kit TS1-PK. Once programmed, the specific tank parameters are stored in the non-volatile memory of the TS1. Find more detailed information at TS1