BEP 2023 Catalog METERS 91 Tank Sender for 600-TG • Well nut hole size 3/8" (9 mm) • Cable length 5 m • One kit supplied with 600-TG Part # 600-TGSK Tank Sender for 600-TG Suits tanks with maximum depth of 280 mm and a maximum wall thickness of 10 mm, and a maximum hole size of 22 mm. Comes with 5 m cable. Part # RV-TS-5M Tank Sender Interface Module Converts signals from up to three tanks fitted with either RV-TS-5M or 600-TGSK tank sender units, to 0-5V signal to suit ACSM and DCSM systems monitors. Part # 80-600-0029-00 Tank Sender Interface Module • Only required when using VDO (10–180) or Centroid (10–180) or Teleflex (240–33) senders to produce a 0–5V signal for either the DCSM, or ACSM systems monitors. • Switchable link for VDO or Teleflex signal. 10–32V supply. • One unit per sender required. • Dimensions: 2.4" x 1.3" x .9" (60 x 34 x 22 mm) Part # 600-TLM-SIF LED Tank Gauge The 600-TG offers economical monitoring for fresh or grey water tanks (plastic or fiberglass only). Using 600-TGSK strategically mounted well nuts will give four tank levels. Supplied with one sender kit. Second sender ordered separately. Also available is the RV-TS-5M Tank sender. Only one hole is required for installation, the sender is sealed via external lock nuts. Suitable for tanks with maximum depth of 280 mm. Part # 600-TG TANK 1 TANK 2 BLUE Full WHITE Position at 3/4 Full GREEN Position at 1/2 Full YELLOW Position at 1/4 Full RED Reserve WATER TANK 1 100% 200L TGSK/RV-TS INTERFACE BOX INPUT: 12V DC RED NEGATIVE: BLACK J1 = TANK1 J2 = TANK2 J3 = TANK3 80-600-0029-00 DCSM Interface RV-TS-5M 600-TGSK