BEP 2023 Catalog METERS 93 Solenoid Valve The CE approved SA296COMP-12V can be installed by an approved gas installer using approved components from within specific markets. 12V or 24V options available. Uses 1/4" BSP thread. Note: A separate regulator will need to be installed with the SA296 valves. Part # SA296COMP-12V 12V Part # SA296COMP-24V 24V SA296COMP-12V Solenoid Valve & Regulator Kit Current draw: 800mA Current draw: 200mA when fitted with 600-GDL Regulator flow rate: 3kPa Gas outlet: 3/8 BSP Gas inlet: QCC thermal nut Outlet position: 90 degrees Note: The VR3-12V may not comply in some countries, and does not comply with USCG requirements. Please check with your local gas installer. Not for sale in the USA. Part # VR3-12V 12V