Del City 2022 Catalog

wire connectors 108 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Heyco® Solar Clips & Fasteners HEYClip™ SunRunner® Cable Clips Heyco® Sunrunner® Cable Clips provide an ideal method for PV module wire management. Constructed from .025˝ thick corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, they feature smooth edges to prevent damage to cable insulation. These clips accommodate cables between 0.20" and 0.33" in diameter. Available in standard and 90° options. Part number 96445 can hold one 12 ga USE-2 to two 10 gauge PV-1000V solar wires. The standard cable clip also provides a screwdriver slot for easy removal and locking tabs to securely fasten clips to module extrusions or other panels. Part number 96446 is designed for use with PV modules mounted in the "landscape" mode. Certified by UL for Compliance with both Canadian and US Requirements. Operating temperature: -40°F to 572°F (-40°C to 300°C). SunScreener® Wire Mesh Clip Heyco® SunScreener® Wire Mesh Clips are designed for use with wire mesh screening (not included), commonly used to protect solar panels from rodents and nesting birds. The 303 stainless steel J-hook easily attaches to the solar panel frames and can be easily bent or trimmed after assembly, while the 304 stainless steel washers firmly hold wire mesh screen to the module assembly. Installs quickly and easily with standard linesman pliers and does not violate panel integrity. DFARS Compliant. SunBundler® Crimp Lock Cable Ties Heyco® SunBundler® Crimp Lock PVC Coated Stainless Steel Wire Cable Ties are constructed from Commercial Aircraft Grade 302/304 stainless steel wire, with a UV protected vinyl jacket, making them ideal for use in solar installations. The stainless steel crimp sleeve can be crimped with electrician linesman pliers or wire cutters, making field installation simple. Certified by UL for Compliance with both Canadian and US Requirements for indoor and outdoor usage. Operating temperature: -40°F to 221°F (-40°C to 105°C). PN description panel size no. of wires Heyco PN 96445 straight 0.090" (2.3mm) 1-2 S6445 96446 90° 0.125" (3.2mm) 1 S6446 PN length loop tensile strength Heyco PN 96408 8" 100 lbs S6408 96412 12" S6412 96414 14" S6414 PN color Heyco PN 96437 steel gray S6437 96445 96446 96408 min. 10 pcs. UV-resistant Black Nylon PN length approx. width loop tensile strength max. dia. pkg. qty. 9502 5" .140" 40 lbs 13/8" 100 9504 7" .180" 50 lbs 17/8" 100 9506 11" .180" 50 lbs 3" 100 9508 14" .180" 50 lbs 4" 100 Nylon 12 Solar Cable Ties Nylon 12 Solar cable ties are designed for solar and extreme environmental applications to withstand corrosive elements and harsh sun rays. Manufactured with Nylon 12 material, to ensure stability, low water absorption and chemical resistance. Their smooth edges eliminate abrasion damage and are ideal for galvanized steel surfaces. RoHS and REACH compliant. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 85°C (32°F to 185°F)