Del City 2022 Catalog

circuit breakers 134 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Type 2 – Universal Circuit Breaker Connectors “Snap-off” design of blades allows installer to size the blades for the application. Color-coded markings to match the color coding for ATC®/ATO® fuses (UCB-10-Red, UCB-15-Blue, UCB-20-Gold and UCB-30-Green). Fits standard ATC®/ATO® fuse panels. Conforms to J553 standard. Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F). 71196 PN color amp 71194 red 10 71196 blue 15 71198 gold 20 PN color amp 71199 natural 25 71200 green 30 72425 Switch Thermal Circuit Breakers Designed for industry standard .550" x 1.125" mounting hole, these thermal breakers are a switch and a circuit protector in one small, compact package. This combination device eliminates the need for both a switch and thermal circuit protector on customer panels. By using only this multipurpose product, wiring and assembly costs are greatly reduced, and saving valuable panel real estate. This series is ideally suited for such applications as household and commercial appliances, transportation, marine, telecommunications, power strips, audio-visual, medical, power supplies, and exercise equipment. Rating: 125-250V AC, 32V DC. Max Operating Temperature: 65°C (149°F). Dielectric Strength: 1500V AC. Interrupting Capacity: 1000 AIC. Insulation Resistance: 100 megohms at 500V DC. UL1077, UL1363, IEC60934. Switches will only light on AC Voltage. Lamp voltage: 125/250V AC. Switch Circuit Breakers Snap-in Circuit Breakers/AGC® Type Remote reset circuit breaker replaces round glass-style fuses in existing fuse blocks. It opens automatically on overload, and remains open for protection until the trouble is corrected. Snap-in mounting in standard fuse clips. 1/4" diameter x 11/4" long. 12V DC. color light amp red clear — 70655 x 9 70636 70656 x 10 70626 70646 — color light amp red clear — 70657 x 11 70641 70661 x 15 70631 70651 — WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - PN amp 72415 10 72425 15 72435 20 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -