Del City 2022 Catalog

166 switches Call 1.800.654.4757 for volume pricing and other hardware configurations Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Anti-Vandal Anti-Vandal switches are a multi-use pushbutton switch style that, while common in industrial applications, can provide a unique solution for automotive applications. Stainless steel body sealed to an IP65 rating. Available in different terminal options, ratings, illuminations, and actuations. Use with pin terminal connection cable 73900. Anti-Vandal 12" Connection Cable 300 mm (12") cable that connects to the back of the pin terminal anti-vandal switches. It uses 0.8 mm 2/ 18g cables that comply with ISO/ABYC. The end is stripped wire for easy connection. Housing Material: PC Black. Cable: 5 x 1.0 Red, Green, Blue, White, and Black Color. Low Current Anti Vandal Feature a unique snap action, compact design making them still suitable for small spaces. They feature a stainless steel body, and they are sealed to an IP65 rating. Switches are non-illuminated, but available in both a momentary and latching actuation. circuit termination illumination ratings A B C screw pin ON - OFF 73924 73921 red ring 5A @ 25 0VAC, 5A @ 30VDC ON - OFF 73925 73922 blue ring ON - OFF 73926 73923 green ring (ON) - OFF 73934 73931 red ring (ON) - OFF 73935 73932 blue ring (ON) - OFF 73936 73933 green ring PN description terminal 73900 connection cable pin poles circuit quick connect tab description ratings A B C S.P.S.T. ON - OFF 73927 normally open 0.6A @ 125VDC, 0.3A @ 250VDC, S.P.S.T. ON - OFF 73928 normally closed S.P.D.T. ON - OFF 73929 normally open / normally closed S.P.S.T. (ON) - OFF 73937 normally open S.P.S.T. (ON) - OFF 73938 normally closed S.P.D.T. (ON) - OFF 73939 normally open / normally closed ( ) Indicates momentary action ( ) Indicates momentary action circuit terminal stem dia. PN poles A B C mount S.P.D.T. ON - ON pvc coated case & 3 wire leads 27/32" through-floor 734210 S.P.D.T. ON - ON 3 screw terminals 27/32" through-floor 734212 S.P.D.T. ON - ON 3 blade terminals 1-3/4" on-floor 734211 734210 734211 7400211 Cole Hersee Foot-Operated Headlamp Switches Headlamp dimmer switches are SPDT, ON-ON. They work with a depress-release for low beam, and the same for high beam. These switches have a diecast metal housing for corrosion resistance, and they have moisture-repellent insulators. They are available for through or on-floor mount options, with screw or blade terminals, and in varying stem sizes to meet your application's needs. Switch Connector Harness pn- 7400211 Cole Hersee Backup Switch Uses a ball actuator, and has two screw terminals. Switch mounts on vehicle transmission. poles description terminals PN rating S.P.S.T. Normally Off - On When Depressed - Spring Return to Off 2-screw 734110 20A @ 12VDC WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm