Del City 2022 Catalog

relays 180 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm Song Chuan Micro 280 Relays These Song Chuan relays are space saving relays with high current capacity. With smaller .187" terminals, these relays will fit most MINI fuse boxes. To ensure long life, the relay features an internal resistor that provides protection to sensitive equipment against voltage spikes. Ideal for use in a variety of automotive applications including starter motors, hazard-warning lights, ignition and battery disconnect relays, etc. Song Chuan Mini ISO Relays Song Chuan's Mini ISO relay is a skirted relay that allows a high current flow circuit to be controlled by a low current flow circuit. The internal resistor protects against voltage spikes and the skirt connects with the sealed OEM connector in the vehicle. The best solution for full voltage applicable to head lamps, auxiliary lamps, fog horns, motors for fans, window lifters, air conditioners, heated rear windows, or the myriad of other equipment existing on vehicles today. PN seal pin #85 bracket resistor circuit type connection contacts amp volt Song Chuan PN 74949 flux tight neg, w/diode none no NO 5 pin 35A 12V DC 301-1A-C-D112VDC 74951 neutral yes NO 301-1A-C-R1-U0312VDC 74980 NC/NO 20/35A 301-1C-C-R1-U0112VDC 74950 neg, w/diode no NC/NO 301-1C-C-D112VDC 74966 neutral yes NC/NO 15/20A 24V DC 301-1C-C-R1-U02- 24VDC 74979 NC/NO 20/35A 12V DC 871-1C-C-R1-U0112VDC 74967 potted NO 35A 871-1A-S-R112VDC PN seal pin #85 bracket resistor circuit type connection contacts amp volt Song Chuan PN 74956 skirted, weatherproof neutral steel yes NC/NO 5 pin 15/20A 24V DC 896H-1CH-D1SW-R1- 24VDC 74978 30/50A 12V DC 896H-1CH-D1SW-R1U30-12VDC 73994 skirted 896H-1CH-D1SF-R112VDC 74949 74967 74979