Del City 2022 Catalog

relays 181 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm Picker Relays The Change-Over relay can control two different circuits, one NO and one NC. The flux tight relay combats dust and moisture. A relay with a built-in resistor offers internal resistance, which protects your application from high voltage spikes and keeps your connection secure. Weatherproof relays for battling the elements. Operating Temperature:-40°C to 125°C . Ignition Protected* | SAE J1171 | UL 1500 | ISO 8846. RoHS Compliant. PN seal pin #85 bracket resistor circuit type connection contacts amp volt Picker PN 74801 none neutral plastic yes NC/NO 5 pin 15/20A 24V DC PC792E-1C-C1-24C-RN-X 74809 weather proof skirted steel no PC792A-1C-C3-24S-N-X 74817 yes 30/40A 12V DC PC792A-1C-C3-12S-RN-X 74804 sealed none 30/50A PC792E-1C-C-12S-RN-X 74802 none no PC792E-1C-C-12C-N-X 74806 yes PC792E-1C-C-12C-RN-X 74800 plastic no PC792E-1C-C1-12C-N-X 74803 none neg. w/diode none PC792E-1C-C1-12C-DN-X 74820 flux tight neutral yes PC792E-1C-C-12S1-RN-X 74830 steel no PC792E-1C-C2-12S1-N-X 74829 plastic yes PC792E-1C-C1-12S1-RN-X 74805 sealed pos. w/diode none no PC792E-1C-C-12S-D1N-X 74837 none neutral 5 pin, 0.375" load terminals 100/150A PC7150-1C-C-12C-N-X 74838 steel PC7150-1C-C2-12C-N-X 74811 flux tight none yes NO 4 pin 50A PC792E-1A-C-12S1-RN-X 74812 sealed plastic PC792E-1A-C1-12S-RN-X 74807 none dual no 5 pin 2 x 30A PC792C-1U-C1-12C-N-X 74832 flux tight neutral steel yes 4 pin, 0.375" load terminals 30A 24V DC PC795-1A-C2-24S1-RN-X 74831 none none 4 screw PC775-1A-24C-R-X 74834 no 75A 12V DC PC775-1A-12C-X 74835 neg. w/diode PC775-1A-12C-D-X 74833 flux tight neutral 4 pin, 0.375" load terminals 80A PC795-1A-C-12S1-N-X 74840 none neg. w/diode PC795-1A-C-12C-DN-X 74839 neutral none yes PC795-1A-C-12C-RN-X 74836 steel no PC795-1A-C2-12C-N-X 74808 sealed yes PC795-1A-C2-12S-RN-X 74809 74817 74802 74820 74805 74803