Del City 2022 Catalog

wire connectors 94 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Push-in Connectors Stainless steel springs resist corrosion and restrict wire pull out. Twist left to right for wire removal. Rated to 24 amps, at 600V max in building wire and 1000V AC in lighting fixtures/luminaries. Copper to copper connections only. PN pkg qty description color coding wire range 907010 100 2-port red #22 to #12 AWG 907020 100 3-port orange #22 to #12 AWG 907030 100 4-port yellow #22 to #12 AWG 907040 50 8-port black #22 to #12 AWG WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm Ox-Gard™ Anti-Oxidant Compound Penetrates aluminum oxide to maintain inter-strand and inter-conductor current paths. 961DL PN description 961DL 1 oz squeeze tube 964DL 4 oz squeeze tube Tap-in Bullet Receptacles Connector mates with a .156" male bullet connector, making a reusable plug connect wiring termination. The insulator is polypropylene; the u-contact is tin plated copper. Use with 18–14 AWG solid or stranded, tinned or untinned (.75–1.5 mm2 solid or stranded) copper conductors. Rating: 18 AWG= 7 Amps, 16 AWG= 10 Amps, 14 AWG=15 Amps. Part no. 908055 is 32V and 908050 is 600V. PN pkg qty description temp brand ratings/cert. 908055 100 black, bullet receptacle 90°C (194°F) 3M RoHS 908050 105°C (221°F) — — Self-tapping ATC®/ATO® Fuse Holder Design requires no wire stripping. It installs with a common pliers. For use with 18–14 gauge wire and rated to 20 amp max. Fuse not included. PN pkg qty description wire gauge 78355 1 fuse holder 18–14 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm