Ancor 2023 WIRE & CABLE 19 NMEA 2000 Tee Connectors For connection between NMEA 2000 drop cables and backbone cables. The yellow couplers connect to the corresponding Ancor tees and backbone cables, creating a simplified, color coded network installation. The connectors are offered in four configurations for maximum installation flexibility. The two way and four way tee connectors allow for multiple drop cables to be connected without additional backbone cable. Part # 270101 Single Tee Connector Part # 270103 2 Way Tee Connector Part # 270104 4 Way Tee Connector APPROVED 270103 270104 NMEA 2000 90° Elbow Connector Makes cable routing easier. The connector is installed between two cables to reduce stress on the cables and create a compact installation. Part # 270108 APPROVED NMEA 2000 Power Isolator Isolating power within a NMEA 2000 network. The power isolator connects between NMEA 2000 tees and backbone cables while isolating the power supply within the network. Part # 270113 NMEA 2000 Inline Terminator For proper termination of a network in a single piece, space saving design. The inline terminator connects between a backbone cable and a drop cable, while still maintaining proper termination for the end of the network. Part # 270114 NMEA 2000 Blanking Caps Cover unused couplers. Protects unused tee connectors from dust and water. 2-pack. Part # 270111 Female Part # 270112 Male NMEA 2000 Through Bulkhead Adaptor Use for transitions through bulk heads or panels. Simplifies installation when routing through a waterproof bulkhead or panel. Creates a connectoin point for removable equipment such as a computer interface. Part # 270107 NMEA 2000 Field Serviceable Connectors For termination of bare NMEA cable. Securely terminate bulk cable, or replace a broken end. Part # 270109 Female Part # 270110 Male 270109 270110 NMEA 2000 Terminators For proper termination of an NMEA 2000 network. The yellow couplers connect to the corresponding Ancor tees, creating a simplified, color coded network installation. One male and one female terminator is required for each NMEA 2000 network. Part # 270105 Female Part # 270106 Male APPROVED 270105 270106 270101 270111 270112