Ancor 2023

I Founder's Vision For over 40 years Ancor has been the industry leader for quality tinned copper Marine Grade® wire and cable. Ancor’s comprehensive product line includes everything required to complete a wiring project. This includes Marine Grade® wire and cable, terminals and connectors, wire management products, and hand tools. Ancor designs products to the highest standards that meet UL, ABYC, NMMA and USCG standards. I Selection Over 1,500 electrical products are designed to work together as a system I Fast Delivery Products stocked in multiple global locations ensures rapid order fulfillment I Worldwide Access to Product A distribution network in over 45 countries provides access to products when they are needed I Information 24-hour access to product information, selection tools, and technical articles online at I Industry Standards Industry involvement ensures products meet ABYC, NMMA, and Coast Guard standards I Quality Product quality is managed in a manner consistent with international standards What makes Ancor different: