April 2022 Accelerate Magazine

proposed at a staff meeting. It has been a pleasure to see our students play a role by leading a part of the morning kick-off to each guest speaking engagement,” commented Swallow Superintendent Melissa Thompson. Previews and summaries of each career cluster day are also shared with parents. Students feel very positively about the change to not just learn the basics about careers, but from those in the field. “There have been so many guest speakers--this gives perspective on the actual day-day from someone who does the job and knows the ins and outs of what it is really like” explained student Cade Hoxie. Cal Michaelis especially connected with the January focus as former professional athletes and coaches joined IT and K-12 professionals to talk about education and training. “Interacting with each other and the guest speakers makes it easier to learn by doing--not just listening. The information is related to our current life and realistic future scenarios, which help us make connections to job market needs and skills within sub-fields. This has opened my eyes to a bigger spectrum of jobs and made me realize I could pursue something different than I expected as a career.” Jake Downing added, “The days are very educational because you have kids who want to be superstar athletes, but since the chances of becoming one are slim, this can help to see other related jobs that are in demand which you may more realistically achieve. In October, we learned about project management and planning. While this may be a career field for some, there are other jobs that you need this skill for too. For instance, a doctor has to plan patient appointments as would an athlete or coach.” Life and career skills have also been learned. Students complete a reflection after each guest speaker day and have shared sentiments including: I have learned it’s OK to move on from a career choice--nearly all of the guest speakers have changed jobs and many have changed careers. Hearing that they began in one field and moved on helps me know that there is a job for everyone and that as life and interests change, so can a job or career. Guidance Counselor Jackie Hagenow’s role is expansive and includes teaching guidance classes for 4K-8th grade as well as 1:1 and small group support asneeded for students. Rachel Zamborini feels that, “Guidance class not just helps us to know ourselves, but also helps us to become better future leaders. As a leader, you need to be more aware of others and their feelings to build trust as well as manage yourself.”Cal Michaelis added, “We focus in class on our emotions to help us become more productive members of society as we learn how to be better people and interact better with others than before. As a future leader and teammate you need to consider what someone else may be feeling.” Are you, or someone you know, able to share about your career field and be a guest speaker? Are you a business owner with a service learning project in mind that could involve Swallow students? Please contact Superintendent Melissa Thompson at thompson@swallowschool.org. • Students learn about stormwater management from Tall Pines Conservatory Director of Land Protection and Stewardship Chris Gutschenritter. (September 2021)