April 2022 Accelerate Magazine

Q: Describe your business. A: L.H. Krueger and Son is a second-generation owned contractor, providing residential exterior services for new and existing homes. Q: How was the idea for the business born? A: In 1980 my father was working for a small roofing company that had dwindled to almost nothing. He left, and came back several months later to buy the business because he thought he could run it better. Q: What sets your company apart? A: Honesty and integrity drive our decision making, and we believe in treating our team and our customers with respect. Q: What are your biggest challenges as a small business? A: As a small business, we aren’t well insulated against change. Any change in customer demand, costs, labor, or product availability has an immediate impact. We need to be ready and able to quickly change our plan and our processes. Q: What have been your biggest successes? A: We are honored to have repeat, long-term customers. We have many houses we’ve installed two roofs on - the original when it was built, and years later, the replacement roof. We also continue to work with builders who were some of our first customers back in 1980. Q: What has been the most surprising part of running a small business? A: If you have kids, you understand that while they can drain your energy like nobody’s business, they also fill your heart in a way nothing else can. Running a small business is the same experience, but with dozens of kids. Q: What is something you know now that you wish you would have known when you started? A: Don’t take it personally. L.H. KRUEGER AND SON, INC. LEAH BITAR CEO, L.H. Krueger and Son, Inc. WAUKESHA COUNTY BUSINESS ALLIANCE, INC. | WAUKESHA.ORG 8 SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS