Accelerate October 2022

OCTOBER 2022 MAGAZINE 15 My dad owned a small business so I saw the rewards and struggles firsthand. I think that’s why I really enjoy helping businesses grow to the next level. At First Business Bank, everyone here is part of one team and we work with clients through good times and bad, which I know means a lot to business owners. GREG BLOCK Vice President - Commercial Banking HONORING RELATIONSHIPS Member FDIC BEST VALUE: Affordability is measured by four indicators, the ratio of quality to price; the amount of need-based aid, the percent of need-based aid recipients awarded scholarships or grants; and the average discount. Mount Mary is among the top four inWisconsin in this category and #25 among regional universities in the Midwest. BEST SCHOOLS: Mount Mary’s ranking is #58 overall among regional universities in the Midwest, and is ranked seventh among the 16Wisconsin schools in this category. One of Cherney’s first major initiatives is overseeing the launch of Mount Mary’s new undergraduate major in User Experience Design (UX). One of the fastest growing fields, UX is the interaction between humans and technology. A UX Designer investigates the human experience with technology and strives to design systems that are functional, accessible, and enjoyable for all users. Demand for UX designers is booming. However, the representation of women in technology fields continues to lag. Women comprise just 25 percent of technology occupations. Of that, only nine percent are women of color. Mount Mary University is in a unique position to help change those statistics. Mount Mary’s commitment to educating women from a diverse population puts the university at the forefront of this booming field. Plus, job prospects for graduates are unrivaled. UX designers are sought after and heavily recruited by major companies. Starting salaries in the Milwaukee area can average nearly $100,000 per year. Mount Mary University continues to innovate and break new ground. With dynamic new leadership and pioneering new programs, Mount Mary is making a mark as a leader in higher education in southeasternWisconsin. •