Accelerate October 2022

A Dream Come True Before FlexRide Milwaukee, a job in Menomonee Falls was out of reach for Brandon, and he is not alone. “There are a lot of people out there who are trying to work, and they don’t have reliable ways to get to the jobs that you guys arebringing people to,” he said. In that way, FlexRide is “a dream come true,” Brandon said. Brandon takes FlexRide to Arandell Corp. in Menomonee Falls, where he has been working for the better half of 2022. He rst heard about the service while watching the local news this spring. Soon after, while working at a popular burger chain, Brandon heard about a job opening at Arandell from a friend. He applied and got the job, which pays him signi cantly more than his previous position, and he’s happier than ever with the new company. Brandon uses FlexRide almost every day to get to and from work. He nds that FlexRide is dependable and brings him door to door from Sherman Phoenix to Arandell. With rides costing $1.50 each way, it’s also a great way to save some money. “It can help me get out to places I’ve never even thought about working,” said Brandon, who plans on continuing to use the service until gas prices go down and he has saved up enough to purchase a vehicle of his own. “I’m telling everyone about you guys, I want people to save their gas and use your service.” “It can help me get out to places I’ve never even thought about working.” WAUKESHA COUNTY BUSINESS ALLIANCE, INC. | WAUKESHA.ORG FLEXRIDE SUCCESS STORIES 24