Accelerate October 2022

WAUKESHA COUNTY BUSINESS ALLIANCE, INC. | WAUKESHA.ORG This past July, I had the privilege of starting as the new Executive Director of theWaukesha County Center for Growth. After working in Texas and Virginia for the past eight years, I am thrilled to be back inWisconsin! I have spent my first few months getting to know the community through conversations with elected officials, local government staff, economic development partners, and the business community. I’m grateful to everyone who opened their doors to me and shared their insights and priorities. Overall, I have been blown away by the thoughtful, pro-business leadership across the county and the depth and breadth of business activities. Here are some of my key takeaways after 90 days on the job: Waukesha County is THE place where cool products are made. October is Manufacturing Month, and we have had the privilege of touring many local operations and learning more about these businesses. These are not your grandfather’s manufacturing operations – these plants are highly sophisticated and automated, and their employees are highly-trained. Our local manufacturers are making products we use every day and are constantly innovating. Just a few of our companies (there are many!) making cool products include: • Glenroy in the Village of Menomonee Falls makes flexible packaging, including packets for Emergen-C and standup pouches for peanut butter and jelly. • Sussex IM in the Village of Sussex manufactures Mr. Lid Storage Containers and cosmetics packaging. • INNIO in the City of Waukesha is helping lower the energy industry’s carbon footprint by remanufacturing Waukesha Engines. Many of our businesses are family-owned and have long histories in the Waukesha County community. During my visits with businesses, I have been inspired by the passion company leaders have for their business and for their teammembers. These companies value their employees and their customers and have had decades of success as a result. • VJS Construction Services is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year and continues to evolve to serve its clients through a holistic development process. • Gross Automation, founded by Bob Gross over 25 years ago, has helped increase productivity and lower costs for more than 100,000 customers through their automation and electrical control technologies. • IEWC, headquartered inWaukesha County, was founded in 1962 and now has almost 30 locations in 10 countries. • MSI General has been family-owned for three generations and has cultivated a corporate culture built on the core values of integrity, commitment, trust, passion, and teamwork. These values are highlighted throughout the company’s headquarters, which also serves as an innovative showcase of unique materials and design options for clients. The quality of life is Waukesha County is unbeatable. From the incredible dining options to the high quality infrastructure to the stunning fall foliage, I continue to be amazed at just how much we love living here. Special shoutout to the Waukesha County Park System – we have spent many hours each week exploring the countless park trails and marveling at all the unique natural areas. The county’s exceptional quality of life is an asset we will be highlighting as we develop marketing materials to help our employers attract top talent to the area. I know I am just scratching the surface when it comes to learning more about our business community and why Waukesha is the best place for business. It is truly an honor to serveWaukesha County and help our businesses and communities grow. Please be sure to reach out if your business is growing or facing any challenges – I am here to help! • WAUKESHA COUNTY IS THE BEST PLACE FOR BUSINESS NICOLE RYF Executive Director, Waukesha County Center for Growth 26