2019 Mobile Catalog

SWITCHING & MONITORING DC Shunts & AC Transformers DC Shunts: For use with DC Ammeters. AC Transformers: For use with AC Ammeters Loud intermittent beep tone audibly alerts operator CZone displays are designed with both the manufacturer and end-user in mind. The easy-to-use display screens put the control of all components directly at your fingertips. CZone® The CZone wireless interface allows your iPad® to interface with an onboard digital switching system for full monitoring and control of the electrical equipment via a clear and intuitive display. CZone® Wireless Interface CZone® Combination Output Interface (COI) Digital switching systems just got easier to install, with the new CZone Combination Output Interface (COI). This one box replaces up to five separate modules, with industry-standard Deutsch connectors and IPx5 water resistance. 133 133 134 137 138 Floyd Bell DC Alarm