2019 Mobile Catalog

122 SWITCHING & MONITORING bluesea.com Designed For Extreme Weather Conditions The WeatherDeck Panels are Blue Sea Systems most waterproof panels. Available in switch only, fuse, and circuit breaker models, the WeatherDeck Panels can be mounted in four orientations for maximum versatility. Fuse Panel ATO or ATC Fuses, switches, bicolored LEDs illuminate circuit labels to identify ON, OFF, or Blown circuits Circuit Breaker Panel Push Button Reset-Only Circuit Breakers, switches, green LEDs illuminate circuit labels WeatherDeck® Waterproof Panels Hunt Yachts installs the Blue Sea Systems WeatherDeck® Waterproof Panels on the Surfhunter 26 Center Console. Related Products ST-Blade Fuse Blocks page 90 ST-CLB Circuit Breaker Blocks page 98 Push Button Circuit Breakers page 99 CLB Circuit Breaker Waterproof Boots page 99 Switch Only Panel No circuit protection or illuminated circuit labels ATO or ATC Fuses page 82 Style WeatherDeck Waterproof Model Circuit Breaker Fuse Switch Only Positions 4, 6, 8 2, 4, 6, 8 2, 4, 6, 8 Voltage Rating 12V or 24V DC 12V DC 12V or 24V DC Label Format Square Square Square Backlight Labels Backlit ON indicating bicolored -