2019 Mobile Catalog

17 AC & DC POWER CONNECTIONS marinco.com Power Cord Plus® Cordsets All Marinco® cordsets are made of the highest quality, marine grade construction with features you won’t find on other power cords. 1 Watertight molded plug and connector for safety and durability 2 Heavy duty, super flexible marine grade cable (30 amp 10 gauge, 50 amp 6 gauge) 3 All models include a standard threaded ring for hook-up to ordinary threaded inlets 4 Corrosion resistant, nickel plated contacts 5 Power Indicator Light: Vehicle side connector features a molded-in LED light. When it glows red, you know you have power to the vehicle. 6 Contour Grip with Thumbprint Locator: Both plug and connector ends are molded to fit the contour of your hand. When the thumbprint is in the 12 o’clock position, the blades line up for easy connection. 7 Marinco’s Easy Lock™ system: Quickly locks the cord set to the inlet in just 1/8 of a turn. The exclusive locking tabs engage slots built into all Marinco inlets (sold separately). Easy Lock™ system Exclusive locking tabs Easy Lock™ tab slots G X Y W 50A 125/250V Locking NEMA SS2-50R NEMA L5-30R W G 30A 125V Locking Length Color Pkg Part # OEM # 30 Amp Power Cord Plus® Cordsets 12 ft yellow sleeve pack 199116 — 25 ft yellow sleeve pack 199117 — 25 ft white sleeve pack 25SPPW — 25 ft gray sleeve pack 199117G — 35 ft yellow sleeve pack 35SPP — 50 ft yellow sleeve pack 199119 50SPP.OEM 50 ft white sleeve pack 199120 50SPPW.OEM 50 ft gray sleeve pack 199119G — 75 ft yellow box — 75SPP.OEM 50 Amp 125/250 Volt PowerCord Plus® Cordsets (4-Wire) 12 ft yellow box 6152SPP-12SC — 25 ft yellow box 6152SPP-25 — 25 ft white box 6152SPPW-25 — 25 ft gray box 6152SPPG-25 — 40 ft yellow box 6152SPP-40 — 50 ft yellow box 6152SPP — 50 ft white box 6152SPPW — 50 ft gray box 6152SPPG — 75 ft yellow box 6152SPP-75 — 50 Amp Plug End Only Cordsets 55 ft white box 6152SPPW-55.P/O — 75 ft white box 6152SPPW-75.P/O — BRIGHTER RESISTANT LIGHTER MORE FLEXIBLE UV LIGHTER MORE FLEXIBLE RESISTANT 600V UVU BRIGHTER LIGHTER MORE FLEXIBLE 194°F 90°C BRIGHTER RESISTANT 600V LIGHTER MORE FLEXIBLE UV 194° 90° LIGHTER MORE FLEXIBLE RESISTANT 600V UVU BRIGHTER LIGHTER MORE FLEXIBLE RESISTANT* UVU 194°F 90°C BRIGHTER RESISTANT 600V LIGHTER MO E FLEXIBLE UV 194°F 90°C LIGHTER MORE FLEXIBLE RESISTANT 600V UVU BRIGHTER LIGHTER MO E FLEXIBLE ESISTANT* UVU 194°F 90°C 1 73 2 4 5 6 199119 199117G