2019 Mobile Catalog

18 AC & DC POWER CONNECTIONS marinco.com 15A Marine Grade Extension Cords • Marine grade SJTOW cable • Clear ends with lighted female end for visual power indication on 14/3 models • Female end contains slide button lock for protection against cable disconnection* • Slide button lock compatible with all other manufacturers’ products* • ETL certified to UL standards Cable Length Description Part # 14/3 25' Locking and Lighted 150025 50' Locking and Lighted 150050 25' Lighted 150025NL 50' Lighted 150050NL 12/3 25' Heavy-duty 151225 50' Heavy-duty 151250 *150025 and 150050 models only The Marinco® Shore Power Adapters give you more power hook-up flexibility and resolve a variety of garage-side power center / vehicle-side inlet power incompatibility problems. Types of Adapters Straight Adapters are highquality, one-piece adapters similar in usage to Pigtail Adapters. However, they do not have sealing collars and are not recommended for use in wet locations. Use only in an enclosed, dry location, such as powering your vehicle from a 15A power receptacle inside your house. Pigtail Adapters*allow you to connect from one garage-side receptacle (or other power source receptacle) to one vehicle-side inlet or equipment of dissimilar power configuration. These adapters are fully molded and equipped with Marinco®’s unique sealing collar (where indicated) and covers for use in wet locations. Adapters