2019 Mobile Catalog

34 POWER CONVERSION promariner.com ProNauticP Series ProMar Digital Performance Charging All Digital Electronic Charging... Winner of the IBEX Innovation Award, ProNauticP’s Generation 3 ProMar Digital Performance Charging Platform combines digital control and software-based power conversion technology with global energy management features. ProNauticP is designed for the growing demand for more 12-volt electronics on board today’s power, sail, cruising and sport fishing boats. Highlighting twelve digitally-controlled performance charging profiles and a full digital display, ProNauticP offers features not seen on competitive chargers including: Self Test Diagnostics, real time system voltage and amperage, discreet fault indication and once-a-month storage reconditioning modes to extend the life of your batteries. ProNauticP is designed to provide more time on the water enjoying what you like most… boating, sailing and fishing. • Distributed-On-Demand™ Technology Automatically senses and distributes up to full capacity to any one bank or combination of all banks. • ProMar Digital Charging Performance - 12 Selectable Profiles Up to 12 performance & precision 4-stage charging profiles: Charge, Condition, Auto Maintain and Recondition. Automatic dockside power mode for 12 Volt DC lighting and appliances. Factory set for Flooded (Lead Acid) batteries. AGM, GEL selectable. • Power Factor Correction - Global AC Input Auto-ranging (100-250V AC/50-60Hz) global AC input with reduced harmonic distortion allowing all models to operate off a household power outlet connection. ProNauticP consumes less power so more AC power is available on board. • Conservation Energy Saver Mode After fully charging and conditioning batteries, ProNauticP’s Energy Saver Mode will monitor and Auto Maintain batteries only when needed, maintaining a full state of charge. This significantly reduces AC power consumption while lowering operating costs and maximizing reserve power performance. • Digital Self-Calculating Absorption and Battery Health Reconditioning Mode Automatically programs conditioning time based on discharge state of batteries. Automatically reconditions batteries after 21 days in the Auto Maintain Mode, improving reserve power performance & extending battery life. • Service and Fault Mode LED Indicators 1 2 3 Real time indication of wiring faults or adverse conditions that may impact the operation of a boat’s charging system. • Automatic Fan Speed Control Quiet operation. Innovative front exhaust prevents restriction of air flow and cooling. • Automatic Temperature Compensation and Built-in Safety Remote temperature probe included - Ignition protected and current limiting. Designed and constructed to: Marine ULc 1236, CE, CTick, FCC Class B and CEC. • 5 Year Warranty Dual Digital Displays and Power Output Bar Battery Type and EZ View Service Indicators Auto Conservation and Self Test Modes 3 2 1 5YEAR WARRANTY