ProMariner 2023 Catalog WATERPROOF BATTERY CHARGERS 17 Factory Set for Flooded/Lead-Acid Batteries Stage 1 - Analyze & System Check OK During this stage the ProSportHD Mode LED will pulse blue indicating it is analyzing all battery connections and ensuring each battery is capable of being charged. When completed successfully, the “System Check OK” indicator will illuminate green. This takes approximately 1 minute. Stage 2 - Charge During this stage the ProSportHD Mode LED will be solid red and the ProSportHD will use all of its available charging amps (as controlled by temperature) until the battery voltage is raised to the selected absorption voltage. Stage 3 - Condition During this stage the ProSportHD Mode LED will be solid amber. During this mode batteries will be held at the selected absorption voltage to complete charging while conditioning each battery connected for up to 3 hours as needed. Stage 4 - Auto-Maintain (Energy Saver Mode) During this stage the Mode indicator will be solid green, indicating it is monitoring and auto-maintaining your batteries as needed to maintain a full state of charge. At this time, the blue Power LED, green System OK and green Mode LEDs will remain on letting you know your batteries are ready when you are. Stage 5 - Storage Recondition During this stage the ProSportHD will enter into its once a month Storage Recondition mode. The green Mode LED will pulse indicating that while your batteries / boat are in storage, the ProSportHD is reconditioning all batteries for up to 3 hours once a month to extend battery life and provide maximum reserve power performance on the water. Model ProSportHD 6 ProSportHD 12 ProSportHD 20 ProSportHD 20 Plus Part # 44023 44026 44028 44029 DC Voltage Systems 12V 12V/24V 12V/24V 12V/24V/36V Amps 6A 12A 20A 20A No. of Batteries 1 Bank 2 Banks 2 Banks 3 Banks AC & DC Cable Length 6' 6'/6' 6'/6' 6'/6'/6' Size 7.9"x7.7"x2.9" 7.9"x11.3"x2.9" 7.9"x13.6"x2.9" 7.9"x13.6"x2.9" Weight 3.8 lbs 6.4 lbs 8.2 lbs 8.8 lbs VAC / Max Amps 100–240V AC 50/60Hz / 2A 100–240V AC 50/60Hz / 3A 100–240V AC 50/60Hz / 5A 100–240V AC 50/60Hz / 5A AC Plug IEC c14 IEC c14 IEC c14 IEC c14 ProSportHD Series—Global Selection Australia 90130 C13 Plug Adapters For ProSport HD Global Universal IEC C14 power cords. Available in country C13 plug adapters as shown (not included). UK 90140 US 90100 Brazil 90170 Europe 90110 Universal IEC c14 power cord Choosing a Waterproof Battery Charger on page 47 Related Products Cable Extender page 45 5 Stage Performance Charging Overview Flooded (Lead Acid) 14.6V DC Conditioning / AutoMaintain 13.4V DC AGM and HP AGM* 14.7V DC Conditioning / AutoMaintain 13.6V DC Gel 14.1V DC Conditioning / AutoMaintain 13.8V DC LiFePO4** 14.2V DC Conditioning / AutoMaintain 13.6V DC * HP (High Power) AGM with ProSportHD20 Dual only ** Only charge approved LiFeP04 batteries. See manual or for approved LiFeP04 batteries and warnings