ProMariner 2023 Catalog WATERPROOF BATTERY CHARGERS 18 Choosing a Waterproof Battery Charger on page 47 ProMar1 Digital Series Recreational Marine & Industrial Grade On-Board Battery Chargers The new ProMar1 DS takes charging performance to the next level. It sets new standards in efficiency with all-digital integrated technology. The fully Automatic 4-Stage Charging algorithm, which includes sequential modes of Analyzing, Charging, Conditioning and built-in Auto-maintain, has been proven to prolong battery life. ProMar1 DS is safe for short and long-term storage periods. Intended for harsh environments, ProMar1 DS is built with industrial grade jacketed DC cables, SJTOW rated AC cables, and enclosed in a fully encapsulated IP68 waterproof and shock-proof housing. Integrated LED lights provide at-a-glance indication of charge status and wiring conditions for each individual output. ProMar1 DS is designed and certified to UL Marine 1236, the new energy efficient CEC (California Energy Commission) and DOE (Department of Energy) requirements to ensure reliability and low-emission operation. • Fully automatic 4-stage charging Analyzing, charging, conditioning and built-in auto-maintain mode • Single preset charging profile Use with Flooded (Lead-Acid) or Gel batteries • Integrated LEDs for battery status and fault detection • Auto-maintain / energy saver modes extends battery life • Pre-wired with waterproof inline DC fuses and nickel-plated copper ring terminals 1 • Built-in safety features Dual inline DC safety fuses for all multi-bank models, reverse polarity, over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage and ignition protection • Meets US FCC emissions requirements and CEC compliance • 3 Year Warranty 31505 31515 Conforms to: CEC and DOE Listed Dual Mode Charge LED Indicator Red: Charging Green: Auto-maintain/Energy Saver Battery & Wiring Fault Detection Prewired with Waterproof Inline DC Fuses and Nickel Plated Copper Ring Terminals 1