ProMariner 2023 Catalog

I Founder's Vision ProMariner™ was founded in 1978 with one premise: to make boating more enjoyable. ProMariner pioneered a complete line of fully automatic on-board marine battery chargers, and continues to bring innovation to marine battery chargers today. ProMariner offers performance based solutions for all boats whether it’s recreational boating, open water cruising, sailing, or fishing. The passion and dedication to quality is what has made ProMariner the market leader in on-board marine battery chargers. I Innovation & Engineering ProMariner designs and engineers a complete range of high performance, state-of-the-art marine battery chargers and accessories. Exclusive technologies, such as Distributed on Demand™ ensure that ProMariner chargers will deliver the fastest charge and protect your battery investment. I Selection With the broadest range of on-board charging products in the industry, ProMariner offers performance based solutions for all boats. Whether it is a waterproof charger for your fishing boat, or a vented charger for your larger boat, ProMariner has a charger to fit your needs. I Worldwide Access to Product A global distribution network provides easy access to products where they are needed. I Industry Standards Industry involvement ensures products meet UL1236, ABYC, NMMA, CEC, DOE and USCG standards. I Quality Product quality is extremely important at ProMariner. We manage product quality in a manner consistent with international standards to ensure all ProMariner products exceed expectations. What makes ProMariner different: