ProMariner 2023 Catalog

Products ProTournamentelite series3 NEW! ProTournamentelite series3 provides a competitive edge getting you on the water first with power to last. Delivering true-rated constant current charging amperage for the fastest charge times. Full output 5-stage digital performance charging, maximizing battery life and performance. 100% charging performance with AC voltage as low as 90 VAC. User selectable charging profiles for Flooded, AGM and ProMariner approved LiFePO4** chemistries. All ProTournamentelite models, boast an industry-first LED Charge Status AC Glow Plug*, that illuminates 3 individual colors for charging, conditioning or auto maintaining your fully charged batteries. USA Part # 53242 24A 2 Bank Part # 53243 24A 3 Bank Part # 53244 24A 4 Bank Part # 53363 36A 3 Bank Part # 53364 36A 4 Bank Part # 53505 50A 5 Bank Global Part # 55363 36A 3 Bank Part # 55364 36A 4 Bank Part # 55505 50A 5 Bank *Patent pending ** See manual or for approved LiFePO4 batteries and warnings 10 12 and ProSportHD Series Lithium—USA & Global The new ProSportHD features a lightweight, tri-surface heatsink design. This delivers significantly faster charging through optimal cooling, while delivering true rated constant current charging amps during charge mode. Fully automatic multi-stage charging enhances battery performance while extending battery life. User selectable charging profiles for Flooded, AGM, Gel and ProMariner approved LiFePO4** chemistries. USA Part # 44006 6A Part # 44008 8A Part # 44012 12A Part # 44020 20A Part # 44021 20A (plus) Global Part # 44023 6A Part # 44026 12A Part # 44028 20A Part # 44029 20A (plus) 14 16 and Charging Conditioning Auto Maintain Charge Status AC Glow Plug* Color may vary